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$ 109.00

SHURfo 115 volt, 3.3 gallons per minute

Positive displacement 3 chamber diaphragm pump


Check valve:  (1-way operation) Prevents reverse flow

Motor:  Permanent Magnet, thermally protected

Pressure switch:  Adjustable from 30-50 psi.  Factory set @ 45 psi shut-off

Liquid Temperature:  130 degrees F maximum

Prime:  Self Priming up to 9 feet vertical

Ports:  1/2" MPT

Valves:  Santoprene

Diaprhragm:  Santoprene

Net weight:  5.1 LBS

Duty cycle:  Intermittent

Approvals:  NSF Listed, UL/CSA Recognized component

Typical application is water delivery


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